30 November 2022

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The Land of Meta verse – DEBATE

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The Land of Meta verse – DEBATE
The students of grades 6,8,9 have shared in a big event about the near future technology, The Meta verse.
The event was hosted by Seven Pillars International School.
They worked as a team with students from different schools – (Al Kods international school, Seven Pillars International School) and different nationalities (Egyptian, Syrian, Nigerian, Jordanian, Romanian), to deepen their knowledge about this new Era.

They joined different workshops during this project:
1- Metaverse technology and using the Oculus, in the Egyptian space agency.
2- The pros and cons of the metaverse on their psychological health, with  Dr.Noha Nagy Abdul Ghani Parent Counselor & Behavioral Therapist
3- How to make citation, and write a research paper, with Dr. Sara Mohammed Elabd.M.A. Political Science International Relations and Global Affairs
4- The Art of conversation, with Mrs Carmen Barna.
5- Virtual abundance, NFT and METAVERSE.

The debate has three main points, 3Es:
*Economy and business in the metaverse land
*Education and medical schools in the metaverse land.
*Environment and infectious diseases in the metaverse land.

At the end of the event, they delivered a speech about the ethics should be followed in the meta verse world.

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